Friday, January 24, 2014

1-24 6:59pm CST Large fragmenting Fireball over north Texas

At approx 6:59:20 pm CST a large fireball flashed across the sky to the north-east of my location here in 
Hawley, tx.
Green fireball with orange flames and visible fragmentation traveling north-eastward


  1. LASER Earth SHIELD to AVERT EXTINCTION event by all nukes’ explosion after the next space super-storm, as the one we escaped for 9 hours in July 2012 (NASA*). Alerting solar super-storms occurred in 1989 (Quebec black-out), 2003 (Sweden black-out) & 2005 (GPS black-out). We need to repel just the excessive space electricity.
    *NEAR-miss EXTINCTION EVENT: The Solar Superstorm of July 2012

    **Laser Plasma Shield TESTED! *
    ***Volcanic eruptions triggered by cosmic rays: Volcano as a bubble chamber
    T. Ebisuzaki et al
    - EXTINCTION EVENT if a geomagnetic super-storm blows up all nukes:
    -The first of the last 3 BLACK-OUTS caused by REPELLABLE NOW geomagnetic superstorm (1989-Quebec, 2003-Sweden, 2005-GPS): The Day the Sun Brought Darkness
    - What if a geomagnetic super-storm hit tomorrow an UNSHIELDED Earth???
    -NEW ALERT for devastating (but REPELLABLE) space superstorms!!!
    - “create a SHIELD that powers up or powers down anytime NASA’s early-warning system detects unusual activity.”
    - New US law asks for GLOBAL COOPERATION to escape extinction event by a geomagnetic super-storm/nuclear holocaust:

    - AIRBUS proposed URGENT satellite monitoring for 5 day solar super-storm forecast
    - Solar Superstorm Film Explains How The Sun Could Shutdown Technology

  2. 1108pm 11/28/18 crosby TX green flare meteor like maybe really nice looking.