Friday, February 15, 2013

Large meteor explodes over russia!

A large meteor exploded over Russia this morning. The concussion from it's sonic boom blew out windows and walls and injured hundreds of people with shattered glass and debris.

This event demonstrates one of the dangers of some meteor events. The shockwave.
If a meteor is large enough it can create a sonic boom or pressure wave that can cause damage.

While the actual entry event of the meteor is shocking to see. The height that these events occur bring their own danger. People seeing or having heard about a meteor run out so see what they can see.
Meanwhile a shockwave from the event (if it's close enough to the ground) is moving outward from the detonation. At these heights. sound takes 1-2 minuets to reach the ground thus giving people time to run out and stand under windows and buildings/ The late arriving pressure wave from the meteor detonation hits and shatters glass and walls.
Here is a video of the meteor.

 Imagine yourself at work and someone runs in to says "a large meteor just went over!! IT left a huge cloud in the sky!"  Everyone runs out to look...

Boom! you're hit with flying glass!

Here's a video from inside an office when the shockwave hit

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