Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Lyrid Meteorshower forwardscatter radar timelapse

I've taken the last three days of forwardscatter spectrographs and combined them into a timelapse video of the lyrid meteor shower. What you're seeing is a spectrograph display of the audio output from my forward scatter meteor radar. As meteors travel through the radar's beam they reflect a portion of the signal back causing a "ping" sound on the receiver. This audio if fed into software that generates a spectrogram image. These images are saved to disk 24/7. This is the result. It's about 17 mins long. 
As you watch you'll see lines that scroll up and down through the frame. These are aircraft passing through the radar beam. Meteors appear as small blips of color. Larger meteors appear as a bigger smear in the image. Large aircraft reflections also tend to have a larger fuzzy band above and below the main echo. Satellites passing through the beam appear as sharply diving diagonal lines.
Enjoy the show!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Lyrid Meteor shower DirectView camera timelapse

This years Lyrid Meteor Shower put on a pretty good show from my location. At least my Direct View camera
caught a good number of them. 
I've taken all the composite images and combined them into a timelapse video and composite image.  I hope you enjoy them!
What is the lyrid meteor shower??
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Lyrids are a meteor shower lasting from April 16 to April 26[1] each year. The radiant of the meteor shower is located in the constellation Lyra, peaking at April 22—hence they are also called the Alpha Lyrids or April Lyrids. The source of the meteor shower is particles of dust shed in the cometary tail generated by the periodic Comet C/1861 G1 Thatcher. The Lyrids have been observed for the past 2600 years

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Nice exploding fireball over north Texas

Last night at 10:56 Universal time a fireball exploded in the skies over north texas.
the event was captured on my allsky camera.
The same event was also captured just on the edge of the frame on my direct view sprite monitoring cameras

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Satellite Flashes

Occasionally... Well actually, Quite often my camera captures satellite Flashes. These are glints of sunlight that reflect off portions of satellites as they orbit the Earth.
Here's a little composite video of several such events.

Start of the Lyrids

The upcoming Lyrid Meteor shower peaks on Saturday. 
This is one of a few as it starts to "ramp up"

Below is this same meteor event as caught by my Friend's Sanida Camera in Oklahoma City!

A nice Taxday meteor

April 15th had a nice fireball streak across the skies over central texas

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Long Fireball last night at 1:17 AM CST

After quite a quiet spell we finally had something flash across the skies here in central texas last night!
I fast moving fireball running almost west to east!
Sandia allsky Camera Composite image

Sandia Allsky Video
Color Allsky Camera Composite